Online: Baduanjin Qigong – A Traditional Chinese Exercise

Balancdfitness interpreted traditional Kung Fu from a scientific viewpoint to create a health-enhancing exercise programme by combining Shaolin basics with Baduanjin.


Part 1 – Shaolin Basic Training



Shaolin basic training is effective in improving balance, flexibility, lower body strength and cardio-respiratory function.



Part 2 – Baduanjin Qigong



Baduanjin is an ancient Qigong practice. It combines breathing exercises, stretching and muscle training into a set of low impact exercises for the whole body.


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Free Admission



Once you’ve registered, we will send you a Zoom link.



This session is suitable for all ages at all levels.



About the practitioners:


Grandmaster Lung Kai-ming 龍啟明師父

Veteran Kung Fu Master, Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner systemised the Northern Shaolin Martial Arts, and generously shares with all who wish to learn. 

武學泰斗、註冊中醫師 將家傳北少林武學系統化,公諸於世,傾囊相授。


Professor Chung Sheung-chee Sydney 鍾尚志教授

Endoscopic Surgeon; Former Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Chinese University of Hong Kong Explores the secrets of Qigong for health through a scientific perspective.

微創外科醫生、前中文大學醫學院院長 用客觀科學的眼光,探討養生氣功的奧秘。


Chung Chui-shan Sara 鍾翠珊 

UX Designer, Certified Instructor in Northern Shaolin Baduanjin Uses modern design concepts to create a program that is intuitive.

UX設計師、北少林認證八段錦導師 以現代化、人性化的設計,打造出易懂易學的課程。


📆 Date: Saturday, 26th Sep 2020
🕒 Time: 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM (GMT+8)
📍  Where: Zoom and Facebook Live @the Hive Hong Kong

💳 Fee: Free

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