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the Hive QRC x Happy Recipe | Part 2: Stick Mobility Workshop

Stick Mobility is an innovative training system that can improve joint mobility, stability, and range, as well as improve flexibility and work on conditioning. It can help prevent injuries from sports and everyday life, while using a fun way to practise strength training. Look cool and elegant with our different set of moves for the whole body!

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Stick Mobility為嶄新訓練系統,不但可以有效提升關節靈活性、幅度及穩定性,同時亦可以舒展筋骨的效果。有助預防運動受傷之外,亦可以用一個趣味方法去訓練肌肉力量!

Suitable for:
-all age groups
-those who have weight training habits
-office workers
-those who had injuries before
-those who have bad postures

– 所有年紀嘅人士
– 有重訓習慣人士
– 運動員
– 長時間坐office人士
– 曾有傷患的人
– 不良姿勢人士

– 改善都市人因生活習慣形成的不良身體姿勢及痛症

📅 Date: 9 June 2022 (Thur)
🕒 Time : 6:30pm – 7:45pm
📍 Where: the Hive QRC
💳 Admission: Hive Members $220, Non-Members $250

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